First Move Mistakes That Many Men Are Guilty of Making!

First Move Mistakes That Many Men Are Guilty of Making!

You see a girl you like, you move in for the kill, and she rejects you before you get a chance to show her what you’ve got. This may be because she knows your reputation from others, she’s seen how you act around other people, or she is already taken with someone else – but it’s most likely because of the way you approached her. Basically your first move sucked.

The first move you make to get her attention and show your interest is sometimes your only chance to get your hook into her and really catch her interest. This means that you want to put your best self in front of her and leave the rest for her to see another day after she already likes you.

So here are 3 things to avoid doing when making your first move.

1. Using Pickup Lines

The chances of pickup lines working are very slim, but the chances of them making you look cheesy and unoriginal are extremely high! If you are walking towards a woman and she likes what she sees then you don’t want to blow it by saying “Do you have any Italian in you?… Want some?” It’s so annoying to a woman to hear those kinds of lines and you will probably not get a second shot at trying to get your Italian in her, ever.

2. Acting Like a Player

Walking up to a woman with a swagger and a wink does not mean you become instantly sexy to her. In fact, most women are turned off by men like this because they tend to portray a high level of cockiness and arrogance. Those are two qualities that women are not looking for in a man. Instead of acting like a player act like a guy with high self-confidence who is interested in her.

3. Being Someone You Are Not

Women can smell fake from a mile away. It’s nice to have common interests when you meet someone but if you pretend to be someone you are not then that is going to shine through your conversation and your body language, and you will probably look stupid once she realizes that you are not who you say you are.

For instance, if you see a woman doing yoga in the park and you approach her with the thought of pretending to like yoga, then you will have to prove that you know what you are talking about while having that initial conversation with her. When you give her a blank stare about a yoga term she uses in conversation chances are she will get annoyed and turned off instantly by your lies. It’s better to approach her and let her know you know nothing about yoga but you are interested in learning.

Avoid these 3 pickup mistakes and your chances of getting the woman will greatly increase.

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