Best 5 Dating Tips For Men

Best 5 Dating Tips For Men

Niels Bach here. I bring you Top 5 dating tips for you.

I really can´t know if you know all of it. Or maybe if you can get just one single piece of news to improve your dating skills, that would be worth reading.

We have the same purpose. We are here to enhance our datings to find a woman.

It Will not take long reading – enjoy.

I think we all know that first impression is very important.

That’s why Wendell K. Cribbs specialist in relationship and Internet author has put together his top five dating tips for men.

Guys, do you want to make an excellent first impression? Then make sure you pay close attention to this Top 5 Dating Tips.

1. Arrive on time. Don´t be late. To most women punctuality is an important trait in a man, and being late will instantly let your date know that you really don’t care enough about her to go out of your way to be there to meet her on time.

This could not be more important. Punctuality is considered as an indicator of how much you care about her.

This advice is foremost among all dating tips for men.

2. Be ready to talk. The second most important among my dating tips for men is to make sure that you´re ready for a conversation.

That means doing a little homework before the date.

Make your research and spend a little time reading up on current events.

Maybe you know some of the things your date is interested in. You can of course research those topics on the Internet in forward.

Practice discussing a few of the topics before you meet her.

Now you are well prepared to discuss things that interest her. She will that you are interested in her and that is an excellent way to show it.

3. Let your date make decisions about your time together. One of my important dating tips for men is to remind them that a woman likes to have input on her activities.

Some women desire a “take charge” guy who’ll make a lot of decisions in a relationship, until you’ve spent time with her you won’t know if that’s who she is.

Instead, early on, allow her to have lots of input into your dating plans.

That makes her feel important and appreciated, and maybe later you find that she´d rather have you to decide, you can work that out.

4. Pay attention to her, be interested and ask questions. During the date, make sure you ask questions and listen carefully to her responses.

Most people like to talk about themselves.

Ask a lot of questions about her and the things that interest her, and that will give her a lot of opportunities to tell you about herself.

Show her that you are really interested. Ask questions and listen. Respond to her.

This is one of my top dating tips for men.

5. Beware of goodbye kiss. What to do at the end of the date?

Some women prefer not to kiss on a first date, others are disappointed if you don’t at least make an attempt.

In order to decide how to handle the goodnight kiss, pay close attention to her body language during your date.

If she keeps her distance, then avoid the kiss and go for a friendly hug instead.

If she doesn’t seem to mind getting closer during your date, then go ahead and move in for the kiss.

Remember, a woman wants to know that a man is interested in her.

Follow these top five dating tips for men and you are sure to discover success with dating!

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